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Student Organization Cup Challenge

The University’s Cup Challenge is a competitive challenge between DSU student organizations intended to generate more participation in campus events, promote student involvement in the Department of Wellness and Recreation’s and Delaware State University’s campus-wide programming, community service and leadership opportunities, as well as help students prepare for a lifetime of fitness, wellness, health and recreation after college. 

Goals of the CUP CHALLENGE

  • Foster a competitive format allowing student organizations to embrace opportunities, while striving to win the prestigious Cup Challenge.
  • Promote involvement in Wellness & Recreation programming, community service and leadership opportunities
  • Recognize the importance of supporting campus events
  • Provide increased accountability, incentive and team unity in programming
  • Recognize commitment to total-person development, enhance individual preparation a lifetime of fitness, wellness, health and recreation after college

Team Competition Rules

  • Eligible – Individuals on the current organizations roster, if there are any changes that occur throughout the semester, a Wellness Center staff member must be notified.
  • October 1 - April 30. Applicable Points- Points can be acquired year round. Points acquired before April 30th will count for the existing Cup Challenge.
  • Employment - If an individual is being paid to work related to a job or a campus event, points are not allowed.
  • Each team has the opportunity to earn points by participating in the following categories:
    • Outreach
    • Intramurals
    • Special Events
    • Social Media Engagement
    • Fitness
    • Wellness

Category Descriptions

  • Outreach - Because giving back and achieving greater mindfulness of your impact on the rest of the world is involved with the concept of total wellness. Points will be awarded to service provided through a team effort, or by individuals to their campus and surrounding communities.
  • Intramurals - The Department of Wellness & Recreation offers several intramural leagues throughout the year, including but not limited to indoor/outdoor basketball, soccer, and flag football. The idea of competing in a team through sports-related activities assists the development of students as well as physical wellbeing. Points will be awarded in this category for individual and organizational contributions to the Intramural Sports program.
  • Special Events - The Department of Wellness & Recreation routinely offers special events related to fitness and health & wellness. Members of organizations will be awarded points for attending one of these events or working with a WRC staff member to host their own.
  • Social Media Engagement - As leaders of the Delaware State University campus community, we are asking you to take a lead on getting the rest of the campus involved in making fitness, health, wellness and recreation a lifestyle commitment and priority. We all use social media daily! Why not get credit for it? Follow the WRC on all social media sources: ,,.
    • Repost/”shout out”/retweet anything that we post to help promote and send information to fellow Hornets and Delaware State University community.
  • Fitness - Group fitness sessions range from aquacise and boxing, to Zumba are held in the WRC. Members of organizations will be awarded by their participation in these classes
  • Wellness - Involvement and/or attendance

Point System

The procedure we will be using to track each organizations point is through an online database. We trust the Representative of the Organization to honestly fill out all the information on the Points Request Form before submitting.

You can use this link: . That will take you directly to the Points Request Form, or you can also visit the Delaware State University Department of Wellness & Recreation Website and click on Student Organizational Challenge.

Points Outreach Social Media Engagement Intramurals Special Events Fitness Wellness
Individual 5 pts 20 pts 5 pts
MVP = 100 pts
5 pts 5 pts 5 pts
Group 100 pts 40 pts (organizations page) 50 pts
Champions = 200 pts
100 pts
Host and event = 200 pts (with at least 5 members
50 pts 100 pts

Individual Efforts (per event/all categories) = 5 points. Will be added when maximum Team Efforts has been reached.
Organization Efforts- 15 people or 40 percent (%) of team (limit of two groups from one team per night) = 100 points. Maximum 10 team efforts (1,000 points) per team, 15 team efforts (1,500 points) per team

Organizations who have team members participate in a weekly commitment will receive a complimentary 300 points. This will only occur once during the semester for Outreach points based on that specific commitment. It is still possible to gain community service points for engaging in other community events.

Outreach – Individual or team efforts. To count as team outreach, event must be attended by at least 40% of the team or 15 team members = 5 Individual, 100 Organization

Intramural – If an organization is able to get at least 40% of their organization on one team = 50 points, the player who wins MVP in the intramural league = 100 points, and the organizations team who wins the championship = 200 points. (Individual on an intramural team = 5 points)

Special Events – If 15 members (or 40% of the organization) attends an event hosted by the Department of Wellness and Recreation = 100 points. The organization that hosts an event with at least 5 members = 200 points. (Individual attending special events = 5 points)

Social Media Engagement – every individual who reposts/shout-outs/retweets something from the WRC’s social media = 20 points/individual 40 points from organizations social media page

Fitness – Organizations able to get at least 40% or 15 members of their team to attend = 50 points, Individual attendance = 5 points

Wellness – Organizations able to get at least 40% or 15 members of their team to attend = 100 points, Individual attendance = 5 points

After completing an event or goal in any of the categories listed above the student(s) will notify their organizations representative of their participation. The representative will then fill out the Points Request Form with a staff member in the Wellness and Recreation Center’s front desk at Membership Services.


The winning team will be recognized at the end of school year; they will receive bragging rights over the other organizations, a trophy cup, and the Department of Wellness & Recreation will reward them with a social.