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Student Employment

Delaware State UniversityÌıStudent Employment Office enables students to explore andÌıachieve their career potential as they navigate their career plan.Ìı

The student employment program provides opportunities for students to work part-time on campus, thereby helping them to meet some of their living expenses.ÌıWith almost 1,000 student employment positions filled by 6,000-plus students from each year, student employment is a great opportunity for professional education and growth.

Students can work on the strategic enrollment team forÌıenrollment assistance, problem solve in student accounts, manage & lead as a RA/SRA in housing, take initiatives in New StudentÌıOrientation, collaborate in student affairs, gain technical experience in IT, educate in the pre-k lab school, aviation, marketing & communications, advocate as ambassadors, gain analytical and quantitative skills in research and much more. These employment skills can vary from job to job and are key attributes employers seek according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Check outÌıthe student employment portal below by clicking the JobX logo.

  • Please do not begin work on campus without the approval of Student Employment Office & Payroll Office.
  • Student must complete the onboarding process through the Student Employment Office.
For student employment job postings, student applications and hiring*
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Searching of On-Campus Jobs

Onboarding Process