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Safe Space Coalition

safe space coalition logoThe Safe Space Coalition assesses University safety protocols, campus policies, and response services that deal with sexual assaults, domestic violence, harassment, bullying, mental illness, and health-related matters. It will submit recommendations to the President, monitor implementation, and regularly report out to the broader University community.

Equally important, strategic committees have beenformed—to work in parallel with and report into— the Safe Space Coalition.

Safe Space Coalition Conference

Purpose of a Coalition

  • A diverse group of individuals and organizations who work together to reach a common goal.
  • That goal often includes one or more of the following:
    • Adapting, creating, or developing public policy
    • Influencing people’s behavior
    • Building a healthy community

Core Group & Steering Committee Expectations

The Core group is responsible for the following:

  • Developing the coalition’s purpose, mission, goals, objectives to ensure that safety matters and services are addressed appropriately.
  • For pooling resources, improving communication, revitalizing DSU’s community to be aware surrounding matters that threaten campus safety.
  • Creating policies and procedures that will become annual quality assurance measures.


  • Rita Williams
    Senior Social Work Major, SGA
  • Kirsten Briscoe
    Senior Political Science & History Science Major, GIVE Organization
  • Samara Benjamin
    Senior Psychology Major, GIVE Organization
  • Ms. Dionne Williams
    Graduate Student Assoc. President
  • Mr. Kyle Sheppard
    Doctoral Candidate, Education


  • Colonel Vaughn Bond
    Former New Castle County Police Chief Alumnus / Retired Law Enforcement Professional
  • Ms. Tamaira Wilkes
    Retired Law Enforcement Professional


  • Dr. Gwen Scott-Jones, Coalition Chair
    Dean, College, Health & Behavioral Sciences
  • Ms. Kim Graham
    Director, University Trauma Academy
  • Dr. Eleanor Kiesel, Esq.
    Associate Dean, College, Health & Behavioral Sciences
  • Deputy Chief Joi Simmons
    Public Safety / Sexual Assault Awareness Officer / Alumnus
  • Chaplain Pam Adams
    Director of Spiritual Life & University Chaplain
  • Dr. Mark Parisi
    Executive Director of Counseling Services
  • Mrs. Pamela Gresham, Esq.
    Executive Director, Labor Relations & Diversity
  • Ms. Mijrane Belizaire, Esq.
    Coordinator, Title lX
  • Dr. Michelle Fisher
    Associate Vice President, Campus Health / Student Counseling
  • Dr. Wanda Anderson
    Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Dr. Terrell Holmes
    Associate Vice President, kufunDowntown & Strategic Initiatives / Alumnus
  • Mr. Kyle Adams
    Deputy Athletic Director
  • Ms. Shenequa Harris
    Executive Director, Facilities Management
  • Mr. Kimeu Boyton, Esq.
    Assistant Dean, College of Humanities, Education, & Social Science

Working Committees

  • Counseling & Prevention
  • Public Safety
  • Employee Awareness & Safety
  • Campus Health
  • Judicial Affairs & Title IX
  • Communications & Customer Service
  • FacilitiesManagement
  • Project Resources & Funding
  • Student Awareness, Engagement, & Safety