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General Education Committee

The General Education Committee consists of faculty from all Colleges and diverse departments.╠řFaculty members are elected by the Faculty Senate. The╠řpurpose of this committee is╠řto assess the general education requirements in order to determine their relevance to current societal and educational trends, and report to the Faculty Senate at least once year.


  • Ordner Taylor,╠řCommittee Chair, CHESS
  • Bridget Anakwe, COB
  • Phyllis Brooks-Collins, CHESS
  • Jan Christopher, COB
  • Bina Daniel, Assessment Office
  • Joseph Fees, Department of Languages & Literature
  • Amy Habeger, CHBS
  • Merril Holloway, History & Political╠řScience
  • Delayne Johnson, Mathematics╠ř
  • Adam Kuperavage, CHBS
  • Kwame Matthews, CAST
  • Akwasi Osei, CHESS
  • Lauren Parker, CHESS
  • Murali Temburni, CAST
  • Raymond Tutu, CHESS
  • Clytrice Watson, Office of the Provost