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Presidential Leadership Award

Deadline for applications is April 7, 2024


Easy to apply! Ìı

The Presidential Leadership Award will be awarded at UndergraduateÌıCommencementÌı Ceremony to the graduating senior who has displayed, through behavior and achievement, commitment to Delaware State University’s Core Values of Community, Integrity, Diversity, Scholarship and Outreach. ÌıÌı

Each nominee must submit a Portfolio (in order), consisting of the following. Submission must be in the form of a single PDF file. Please use , , or another document merging tool as submissions must be one document: ÌıÌı

  1. The completedÌı2024 Presidential Leadership Award Application
  2. A 1-page essay double spaced explaining why the nominee believes he or she should be awardedÌıÌı
  3. °ä³Ü°ù°ù±ğ²Ô³Ù&²Ô²ú²õ±è;°ù±ğ²õ³Ü³¾±ğÌı
  4. Portfolio showcasing awards, certificates, and other achievementsÌı(no more than 5 pages of artifacts)Ìı
  5. 1 – 3 photosÌı

Three letters of recommendationÌı(NOTE: recommenders must email letters directly to the Presidential Leadership Award Committee Chair, Terry Jeffries atÌıtjeffries [at] desu.edu

Kindly submit yourÌıcombined portfolio (in order) to Terry Jeffries, the Presidential Leadership Award Committee Chair by the deadlineÌıof April 7, 2024. For inquiries, please contact Dr. Francine Edwards at fedwards [at] desu.eduÌıÌı

Applicants must be in good judicial standing.Ìı