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Undergraduate Research

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How to get involved with Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research Experiential Learning and Honors at Delaware State University aims to provide opportunities for students of all disciplines to engage in research. There are several benefits of Undergraduate Research:

  • Transferrable skills: enhance written, oral, communication, and technical skills. 
  • Explore Career directions: exposure to research during the academic year and summer research provides knowledge and experience of a centralized area of research. Navigate to find the research career that best suits your interests.
  • Apply coursework to research: while learning coursework, undergraduate research allows students to apply course learning methods to research. High-impact learning practice.
  • Faculty researchers: learn from faculty researchers who are experts in their research field. Gain professional training and guidance from faculty researchers which can lead to graduate/medical education and research.
  • Research presentation opportunities present your research at conferences and workshops. Exposure to be eligible for research fellowships. 

Undergraduate research program

  • kufunU-RISE Star Program
  • Undergraduate Research & Mentoring Summer Program at DSU
  • TEAL Fellow (STEM Majors)
  • Harvard Summer Research in Kidney Medicine
  • SURF: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center) STEM majors
  • Boston University STaRS (Summer Training as Research Scholars); Science and Medicine majors
  • Creighton University Summer Research Institute: majors in Public Health, Biology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience, and related fields
  • USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology Virtual Info Sessions: Graduate Programs
  • kufunTEAL STEM Program
  • 䴡:University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) Summer 2023 Research Programs
  • 䴡:University of Wisconsin Summer 2023 Undergraduate Research
  • CAST: University of Alabama Birmingham Summer 2023 Undergraduate Research
  • CAST: Spelman College Summer 2023 Undergraduate Research Program
  • CHESS: University of Missouri School of Journalism Summer 2023 Undergraduate Research Program
  • CHESS and CAST: University of Washington Summer 2023 Undergraduate Research Opportunities
  • CHESS: Penn State Bellisario College of Communications Summer 2023 Undergraduate Research Opportunities
  • CAST: Carnegie Mellon University Undergraduate Research Summer Program 2023 
  • COB and CHESS:  Amex 2023 Undergraduate Summer Internship
  • CAST, CHESS, WCHBS, and COB: University of Georgia 2023 Summer Internship opportunities
  • CAST: Drexel University Undergraduate Research Summer Program 2023
  • CAST:
  • CAST: The Department of Navy HBCU/MI Cyber Summer 2023 Internship
  • CHESS:
  • 䴡:
  • CHESS:
  • CAST:
  • CAST:
  • 䴡:
  • 䴡:
  • Law Studies 2023 Summer Internship:
  • Office of Master of Social Work 2023 Internships:  Seeking Undergraduate Assistant, Research Assistant, and Student Assistant (posting on JobX)
  • COB:
  • eperchiniak [at] desu.edu (subject: STEM%20Lab%20opportunity, body: Seeking%20STEM%20majors) (kufunExperiential STEM Lab Opportunity: Spring 2023)
  • Biology and Physical Sciences: 

2*External opportunities for undergraduate research programs can be found on .