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Enterprise Risk Management


The mission of the Office of Enterprise Risk ManagementÌŭand Administration (ERM)Ìŭis to serve as a University partner with faculty, staff, and students to manage riskÌŭin the following areas: strategic, operational, financial, compliance, safety, reputation, branding and external. It is the goal of ERM to assist Delaware State University withÌŭmaintaining a formal and sustainableÌŭrisk culture that is robust and thorough.

ERM Key Priorities:

  • Develop and communicate the risk culture across the Enterprise
  • Support responsible, sustainable growth within the defined risk appetite
  • Establish a formal, centralized process to capture and track new issues
  • Finalize an action plan to remediate the Top 10 key risks/issues identified
  • Enhance reporting capabilities in risk data and metrics
  • Communicate, educate, and engage key stakeholders in the ERM process

Through a University-wide effort to manage risk, Delaware State University can reduce the chance of losses, increase operational efficiency, and support the University’s strategic plan. Ìŭ

Delaware State University ERM Risk Framework

The ERM Risk Framework provides a coordinated and strategic methodology for managing risk.

ERM Risk Framework

The Office of Enterprise Risk Management

Ìŭ Risk and Safety Policy and Compliance
Ìŭ Responsible for the identification and/or evaluationÌŭof risks that may result in human or physical loss/injury. Serves as a University partnerÌŭto strategically maintain, update, and evaluate policy.